Sunday, January 11, 2015

Make A Joyous Sound

We've been super lucky lately.  The holidays were great.  Christmas in Cincinnati with family and old friends and lots of little ones to taunt and snuggle and read to. And then the lead up to New Years back in Cicero with Scott in for a long visit. Getting to watch how happy Dan was with his twin in town was amazing. Then a bunch of good friends in our house who braved the cold to come to our homemade tomato soup and cheese sammie New Years party. Super special few weeks.

It also feels like we've seen loads of great live music lately at Fitzgerald's and the Hideout.  Dan and Scott playing together. Dan and Ziegenhagen and Liesl at the Hideout.  And last night we saw a bunch of country sets at the Hideout rounded out by Nora O'Connor. And then the show slid into a deejayed dance party--Dan and I shaking it and being silly together.

I feel happy. I feel surrounded by love. I feel good at loving other people. And I feel lucky lucky lucky.

I also think this is the year when we will meet our baby. 2015 and our family will grow a bit. It's exciting and terrifying and wonderful.

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